Berlin Economic Development Authority

Welcome to the site of the Berlin Economic Development Authority, your resource for industrial and business development in and around Berlin, New Hampshire, a community with a rich heritage and unmatched recreational and economic opportunities.

BIDPA is comprised of a board of volunteer members, organized under NH RSA 162-G, each of whom have a strong interest in Berlin's success. BIDPA's goal is to provide opportunities for industrial and business expansion and economic stability in and around Berlin. It seeks to expand the range of economic opportunities available.

BIDPA's Mission is to promote the development and preservation of business and industry to serve the City of Berlin.

BIDPA is committed to assuring that a reasonable supply of adequately serviced properties and facilities are available to accommodate business expansions and industrial growth. This will be accomplished by:

  • Acquiring land, buildings, structures, and facilities suitable to future business and industry.
  • Developing land, buildings, structures, and facilities to make them more attractive to business and industry.
  • Expanding land, buildings, structures, and facilities to suit the needs of business and industry.
  • Leasing land, buildings, structures, and facilities to business and industry in need of facilities from which to conduct their trade.
  • Disposing of land, buildings, structures, and facilities or when such facilities when business and industry owners wish to purchase such facilities or when such facilities are excess and no longer serve BIDPA's purposes.

Please let us know how we can help grow or relocate your business, we look forward to serving your needs.

Staff Contacts

Pamela Laflamme (Community Development Director) - (603) 752-8587
Phillip L. Warren Jr. - (603) 752-7532

Board of Directors Members

  • Andre Duchesne - Member (July 2025)
  • Richard Eastman - Member (July 2025)
  • Dick Huot - Member (July 2025)
  • Robert Hill - Member (July 2023)
  • Diana Berthiaume - Ex-officio
  • Paul Robitaille - Member (July 2023)
  • Peter Higbee - Vice Chair (July 2023)
  • Steve Halle - Member (July 2024)